Free SSL from Let’s encrypt for Odoo in Apache2

Let’s encrypt is a non-profit organization certificate authority established to provide SSL. Their service completely free of cost. The certificates are valid for 3 months, but we can automate the renewal process.
Before doing this, please note that following things need to be replaced by relevant values. I don’t think it needs further explanation.

  • MyServerName
  • MyAdminEmailAddress
  • MyServerAddress

This is tested on Ubuntu 14.04 server running Odoo 9.

Install Apache2

First we need to install the Apache2 server. If you already running it, good – skit these.

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL

Below is an excellent article on this, install it and come back.

  • Download certbot
  • Setup certificate – Use your erp domain name for generating certificate.
  • setup auto renewal – don’t forget to do this step.

Add Odoo.conf file

  • Add following lines in odoo.conf

Edit Ports.conf

  • Add following content in ports.conf

Enable Odoo configuration

Add following content to the last line of apache2.conf

Additional security and testing