Configuration file in Odoo

The configuration file of Odoo can be located at /etc/odoo-server.conf. It contains the very basic settings of Odoo instance. Let’s look at the contents of a file.

; This is the password that allows database operations:
admin_passwd = admin
db_host = False
db_port = False
db_user = odoo
db_password = False
addons_path = /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/openerp/addons
logfile = /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log 
xmlrpc_port = 8069

Most of the contents on the file are pretty straight forward. admin_password is the password of the admin user. db_host,db_port and db_user is for connecting to remote databases. Here I’ve used a local database. db_password is for setting database password. I haven’t set a password for db.

Next addons_path is for including the addons and logfile to set log file location.

Changing port

xmlrpc_port sets the port of Odoo. you change the port here.

If you are changing any settings in the file, you need to restart the Odoo service to take the settings in to effect. There are some important things if you are changing port. Please read here.

To restart the service

sudo service odoo-server restart

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