How to Change Logo in ThingsBoard Community edition

There is no option to change the default logo in ThingsBoard Community edition. It’s only available in Profession editions only. But we can change the logo before installing the program.

Change Logo in ThingsBoard Community edition

How to change Logo in ThingsBoard Community edition

First of all, the installation file provided by the ThingsBoard only contains the default logo. If we install this, we can’t change the logo anymore. So what’s the solution? Change the source code.

Please note that installing from the source is not an easy task, but it’s not difficult either. You will need to upgrade the future versions manually.

Logo files are located in the “thingsboard/ui-ngx/src/assets/” folder.

These two needs to be replaced with your logo before compiling. After we need to generate the installation file from the source code. For these, we need to compile the source and create the installer from it.

How to change Colour Scheme in ThingsBoard Community Edition

Colour scheme and style file are in ‘thingsboard/ui-ngx/src/‘ folder.

How to create an installation file after changing the source code

For that, you need to compile the source code using maven.

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